Oprah, Christ, MK-ULTRA
                             (and a Course in Miracles)
On January 1, 2008, Oprah Winfrey, with Marianne Williamson, will be starting a series of she calls daily lessons from
the book,
A Course in Miracles. The author of the book, Helen Schuchman, lays claim to hearing from "Jesus" to  back
in the early 1970's and purportedly inducing her to write down the new messages from Jesus Christ. The question is how
reliable is the information from this book and how reliable is the source of the information.

Many have made the claim of hearing from "Jesus" or "God" and telling people what they heard. We have had very
famous people say God or Jesus told them to commit great crimes, such as The Crusades. So, a person saying that
Jesus spoke to them without some evidence of it, doesn't really care much weight.  What about the fact that Oprah has
put her weight behind the book and will broadcast for a year about it? Unfortunately, Oprah's endorsement says very
little in matters like this as one examines Oprah's track record on endorsements. For example, Oprah's director of her
school in Africa was an alleged child molester, although Oprah eventually apologized for picking this person. Oprah had
a fake doctor on her show named "Dr." Jan Adams and then according to
Access Hollywood (November 13, 2007 online
issue), Oprah sent patients to that fake doctor. In particular, Oprah allegedly sent Donda West to him and she was killed
allegedly by Dr. Adams according to Access Hollywood. Oprah denies introducing the two; Oprah backed a candidate
without any known criticism of the blatant bigotry of those speaking on stage with him; Oprah also had a fake religious
leader on her show as well. It was a fake religious leader who had easily discoverable ties to convicted Nazi War
Criminals, mass murderers, convicted terrorists, homicidal dictators who also provided safe harbor to other war
criminals. Perhaps worst of all was Oprah endorsing and championing a cult which also praised Nazi war criminals and
Nazi propagandists who also sold secret American technology to the Nazis and received an special award from Adolph
Hitler. Some of these same people were also the subject of world wide criminal indictments and lawsuits for fraud. Oprah
dedicated show after show to these people and Oprah propagandized for them for months and never let any real
criticism be heard on her shows. The conclusion is that at best, Oprah Winfrey has very poor judgment. At worst, well,
we won't talk about that.
      So if we can't rely on Oprah's endorsement to accept what we hear from Oprah on her show about this book
purportedly dictated by Jesus Christ himself--how can we evaluate what we hear. There are ways to do this. Firstly, we
should always look to ourselves to evaluate any self-help information for ourselves. "Experts" such as Oprah Winfrey
can and often are wrong. It may be right for some, but not necessarily for any particular person. Secondly, we can look
at some of the current authors claiming some kind of extra-ordinary conversation with personalities such as the Christ
figure.  Let us compare some of the current authors, including Oprah's pick.

  Let us look at Jane Roberts and Seth, Edgar Cayce and Helen Schucman.  First,
Jane Roberts and Seth. Seth
through Jane Roberts spoke often of
The New Christ being born in the 20th Century and appearing  in the 21st Century.
Is there any reason Seth's information might be valid and not some kook just claiming to talk to "Jesus"?  There is
indeed, as Seth has been documented to be a very gifted psychic.  Seth could accurately predict where your lost kitten
would be at a fairly exact time. This was just one of many instances of Seth's psychic gifts.

Similarly, for
Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was many times documented to be able to find medicines and cures for people
located in obscure places. There were some misses for Edgar Cayce, but his track record was extremely good. Edgar
Cayce said that 1998 would be the date for The New Christ. Note well, that Cayce did not say that he would appear at
that time. That date, has come and gone, and it is likely to mean that The New Christ would become consciously aware
of his mission by that time (1998).  Appearance could or would occur at a later date when the time was ripe.

 We now come to Helen Schucman, the co-author of Oprah's book with William Thetwood,"A Course in Miracles". Helen
Schucman purports to have received messages from the historical  Jesus Christ (the Jesus from 2,000 years ago).
Helen Schucman supposedly went into a trance and had a person ,  William Thetford  transcribe the trance. Thetford,
according to the
Wikipedia was working for the CIA in a project known only as MK-ULTRA.  This was a top secret
operation to use drugs, LSD and other mind altering inducements, (given to a subject sometimes without their
knowlegde and causing death) to probe for secret state information, presumably from the old Soviet Union and China.
MK-ULTRA also had the goal of using mind alteration and trances to create "the perfect assassin", of the Manchurian
Candidate type. That is, an assassin who will mindlessly kill whomever told to her and then either forget about the
murder, have no guilt about the murder,or kill themselves without hesitation.  Moreover, there are plentiful allegations
(and evidence) that Thetwood's organization forced young children into sexual slavery and performed inhuman
experiments upon them in order to control their minds.

 That the collaborator in Schuchman's book headed such an evil organization taints Schuchman's book out of the realm
of credibility.  Consider also that Schucman reportedly hated her book all the time she was dictating it to Thetford and
wrote it while she was in a state of dark depression and wanted to change it (albeit she supposedly recorded verbatim
the words of Jesus Christ as he "spoke to her").  
According to Victoria Hardy in the December 20, 2007 edition of the American Chronicle:

   "It seems Dr. Thetford had ties with the CIA and was working on Project BLUEBIRD, which was later rolled over into
the MK ULTRA Project. MK ULTRA was a program focused on mind control, it was created in the 1950s by the CIA with
the goal to learn ways to manipulate people’s mental states, alter brain function and create Manchurian Candidates
mindless assassins) often through the use of drugs and hypnosis. Under the MK ULTRA umbrella there were over a
hundred sub projects from the 1950s well into the 1970s and Thetford worked on Personality Theory, subproject 130."

    "But besides the frightening evil of the physical experimentations done on innocents, Project BLUEBIRD was focused
on the mind and how to manipulation and control through the use of drugs and hypnosis. The goal was to create
Manchurian Candidates by causing amnesic barriers, by shattering the old personality to birth new and efficient ones
and implanting hypnotic codes and triggers so that the person being manipulated would never understand his role. And
according to the documents obtained by Ross, they were actually quite successful. Interestingly enough, this was the
world in which Dr. Thetford was involved when his research assistant suddenly began hearing the voice of Jesus in her
head and A Course in Miracles was born".

Ms. Hardy further states that:

      "Father Groeschel met Schucman at Columbia University while she was scribing the Course and he was writing his
dissertation on the relationship between science and theology, he found her to be witty, engaging and a stimulating
conversationalist.  He was confused by her reactions to writing A Course in Miracles, as she would often state, “I hate
that god-damn book.”

     Groeschel also knew Thetford (the man who took notes for Schucman's book) during his time at Columbia University
and described him as "probably the most sinister person I ever met" ...Groeschel stated that Thetford was very excited
about A Course in Miracles and personally arranged for its publication. It seems Thetford was quite a mystery at the
University and none of his colleagues knew, until after he retired, that he had also been working for the CIA during his
employment. "
More on the Course in Miracles author, Helen Schucman:
It appears that Helen Schucman was involved with a man who headed MK ULTRA in the CIA. This program was involved with secretly
giving LSD to unsuspecting people and watching the resulting hallucinations. Some people died from these inhuman experiments. Was
Helen Schucman a target of such a plot and did her claim to be talking to Jesus, an LSD hallucination?  Read below:
Click Here for a link to another website about Oprah's promotion of people that praise convicted Nazi War
Criminals and convicted terrorists.
 "Groeschel initially read the Course as "religious poetry," but grew steadily more negative in his assessment of it as the
years passed and sales of the three volumes passed into the millions of copies. From his point of view, A Course in
Miracles served to undermine authentic Christianity more effectively than just about any other work he could recall, and
while he was inclined to reject the position of St. John of the Cross that "these things are diabolical unless proven
otherwise," doubts had crept in over the years. Most troubling to him by far was the "black hole of rage and depression
that Schucman fell into during the last two years of her life," the priest explained. She had become frightening to be with,
Groeschel recalled, spewing psychotic hatred not only for A Course in Miracles but "for all things spiritual." When he sat
at Schucman's bedside as she lay dying, "she cursed, in the coarsest barroom language you could imagine, `that book,
that goddamn book.' She said it was the worst thing that ever happened to her. I mean, she raised the hair on the back
of my neck. It was truly terrible to witness."
Below are excerpts from an interview with Helen Schucman's friend
Groeschel from  
Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R. is a psychologist who was an acquaintance of Hellen Schucman.  He gave a eulogy at
her funeral. Fr. Groeschel wrote:  

"This woman who had written so eloquently that suffering really did not exist spent the last two years of her life in the
blackest psychotic depression I have ever witnessed."  [26]  
Click Here   to link to a page with numerous links and videos revealing shocking evidence concerning
The Course in Miracles's co-author or scribe's involvement as the head of MK-ULTRA for the CIA mind control division.
The link provides overwhelming evidence of child sexual abuse and molestation and worse for the organization headed
by co-author or scribe for Oprah's favored, "
A Course in Miracles".
A Miracle Course or a Curse?
Because of the huge volume of documents, videos, pictures and other materials evidencing MK-ULTRA's involvement
with atrocious and criminal behavior (and by implication the involvement of his head, co-author of The Course in
Miracles, Thetford) a separate website has been established.
Click Here to be brought there.

Click here to link to a Boycott of Oprah for her persistent promotion of a book written
by a child sex-slaver
                   MK-ULTRA and "The Course in Miracles"