For more details on The Dalai Lama's Nazi connections with references, please follow the link :.The Dalai Lama
and his Nazi Connections
In the above July 1938 photo, on the immediate left side of Adolph Hitler is Hitler's personal friend, and the Dalai
personal friend, Heinrich Harrer.  Heinrich Harrer is the SS Nazi Death Squad Leader who lived with his
friend The
Dalai Lama for years and was mentor to the Dali Lama. Heinrich Harrer was a personal friend of Hitler who
had been a member of a violent racist/terrorist pro-Hitler organization (Brown-Shirts) working to aid Hitler's take-over of
Austria before joining Hitler's elite corp of SS Death Squad Leaders and rising to the rank of Sargeant.  The
friend shook hands with Hitler and then had this photo taken. After this photo was taken Nazi SS Death Squad
Leader Heinrich Harrer
later became the Dalai Lama's live-in friend and mentor.
Der Spiegel, No. 45, 3 Nov 1997, p. 146

See 1994 picture below also with
SS Death Squad Leader, Heinrich Harrer with the Dalai Lama.
Above Photo - A 1994 photo from the Dalai Lama's own website. In the middle is The Dalai Lama. On the Dalai
Lama's immediate right is former Nazi SS Death Squad Leader,
Heinrich Harrer. On the Dalai Lama's immediate left
is friend of the Dalai Lama, Nazi SS Death Squad Leader and convicted Nazi War Criminal,
Dr. Bruno Beger who
was convicted of mass murder at
Auschwitz Nazi Death Camp in Poland during World War II. Compare with earlier
pictures of the Dalai Lama (above) being embraced by mass murderer,
Bruno Beger and appearing on the front
cover of Bruno's book.
Picture above in the middle, is the Frontpage of Bruno Beger’s book: “Meine Begegnungen mit dem Ozean des
Wissens“  („My meetings with the Ocean of Knowledge”)  – Königstein 1986.Evidently, the "ocean of knowledge" that
Beger received from the Dalai Lama didn't help his hapless patients who were all murdered with Beger's complicity.
"Ocean of knowledge" indeed.
The Secret Truth
The Dalai Lama
(Hitler and the Dalai Lama)
If you have seen the movie, Seven Years in Tibet with Brad Pitt, you might be thinking that Heinrich Harrer was just
another nice mountain climber who just happened to be in Tibet to meet the Dalai Lama by coincidence.  Think again as
such is not the case.
Heinrich Harrer, journey to meet the Dalai Lama began in Austria, in 1933 when he joined Hitler's
Sturmabteilung (Storm Troopers or SA or Brown Shirts). The SA was Austria's 1930's equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan in
terms of violence against racial minorities. The SA was responsible for organized kidnappings, rapes, beatings and
murders all part of a "spiritual crusade" designed to help Hitler take over Austria. After the Dalai Lama's friend, Heinrich
Harrer helped Hitler take over Austria, Harrer then in 1938, after meeting his hero, Adolph Hitler,  decided to also join
the Nazi Shutzstaffel  or Deaths Head SS or Death Squads.  Harrer was assigned to Squadron 38 with a designation
73896, and was promoted to Oberscharfuehrer (squadron leader). On May 1 the same year,
Harrer joined the NSDAP
You don't have to tell people how atrocious Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS was if they are (the few survivors) from Oradour,
France or Lidice Czechoslavakia or many thousands of towns and cities in Russia, White Russia, Poland, the Ukraine,
the Balkans and Baltic Republics--they know about the massacres of men, women, children and infants by Harrer's SS
thugs. The sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of hundreds of American POWS murdered in cold
blood by The Dalai Lama's friends organization--The SS, also know what the SS is about. The pictures below give at
best only a very tiny glimpse of the incredible horrors inflicted by the Dala Lama's Nazi SS friends or their comrades on
the world. In 1933, at age 21,Harrer joined SA street thugs who raped, kidnapped, beat-up and murdered and terrorized
Austria in order to promote Hitler. This is how Heinrich Harrer started his career of terror. On the right above is a photo
of SA thugs who were comrades of
Heinrich Harrer, enforcing a boycott of Jewish owned stores. On the left, more of
Dalai Lama friend, Heinrich Harrer's comrades and thugs forcing Jews to clean the streets of Austria. These were just
some the
Dalai Lama's friend's organization's duties for Hitler, in addition to murder. These duties were not presented
in Brad Pitt's movie about SA thug,
Heinrich Harrer. In the middle is a photo of the Dalai Lama with an older Heinrich
but a die-hard Nazi and Hitler supporter to the end.
Below are pictures of some of the duties expected of officers of the SS, such as the Dalai Lama's life-long friend,
Heinrich Harrer. The murders of civilians below was another item left out of Brad Pitt's movie on Harrer. Harrer
graduated from the SA street thugs in 1938 to Death Squad Leader in Hitler's elite SS.
In the photos below,
Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS members carry out their duties of rape and plunder,and then the
executions of men, women and children in Europe, Russia, the Ukraine, and the Baltic Republics as other members of
Heinrich Harrer's SS look on and admire the handiwork of their comrades. Remember, the Dalai Lama's good friend,
Heinrich Harrer voluntarily joined Hitler's Death Squads (The SS) and became an officer in it. Another  photo of the
Dalai Lama with Harrer is below also.
Below: After the Dalai Lama's good friend, Heinrich Harrer joined Hitler's Death Squad or SS, he had his picture taken
with his friend, Adolph Hitler. Hitler then sent SS officer
Harrer with other SS officers on a mission to Tibet to enlist the
aid of the Lamas in the Nazi cause. One of Hitler's goals was to induce the Lamas to go to war against the Chinese and
against India. See the photo below.
On the mission for Hitler to bring Tibet into the Nazi fold, Hitler sent other Nazi SS officers. One of these Nazis was
Dr. Bruno Beger. The Dalai Lama also became life-long friends with Dr. Bruno Beger as well as Heinrich
Upon Bruno Beger's return, he carried out another mission for his friend Adolph Hitler. Bruno Beger then
went to Auschwitz Death Camp to perform medical experiments, (along his
Dr. Josef Mengele aka Angel of Death)
on inmates and then murder them. Below are pictures of the process of the Death Squad organization that the Dalai
Lama's good friend participated in.
First, there were the executions of men, women and children by Dalai Lama friend,Heinrich Harrer's comrades in the
SS. (See photos on the left and right). The photo on the left shows the Dalai Lama's top governmental advisors'
comrades forcing civilians to dig their own graves before shooting them in the back. The photo on the right shows the
Dalai Lama's friend's depraved comrades using mothers with their small children, for target practice with their rifles.
Middle photo is another  picture of the Dalai Lama laughing with SS Death Squad Leader,
Heinrich Harrer. It was not
at all unusual for
Harrer's Nazi SS to laugh, dance and play musical instruments while they were raping, shooting or
bayoneting men, women and children and infants. This was the SS of the Dalai Lama's good friend whom he still
promotes and who along with convicted Nazi mass murderer, Bruno Beger, were made top advisors to the Dalai Lama's
government in exile.
The next step in the process by the Heinrich Harrer's SS was to deport to Death Camps, those not shot by Heinrich
organization. Either by forced death march or by cramming people into cattle cars. See photos below on left
and right. In the center nostalgically recalling memories together of  the good ol' days are
Heinrich Harrer and the
Dalai Lama. Members of Heinrich Harrer's SS considered their massacres a "spiritual mission". Is this the kind of
"spiriituality" that Harrer learned from the Dalai Lama or did the Dalai Lama learn his "spirituality" from Harrer?
After marching or transporting by cattle car to the Death Camps by Heinrich Harrer's SS, those who were still alive
were sorted out for either immediate death, inhuman medical experiments, brothel duty or slave labor and then torture
and death. The SS officer who did the choosing was another depraved doctor,
Dr. Josef Mengele (aka Angel of
Death). The picture on the immediate left below is Dr. Beger again in Tibet measuring skulls to determine Aryanism.
Those in the photo on the far right were chosen by Mengele to be immediately gassed by members of
organization, the SS. In the middle photo can be seen, (sitted at his War Crimes Trial) Dalai Lama advisor,
Dr. Bruno Beger, who also performed inhuman medical experiments on inmates at Auschwitz and then gassed them all.
Years after the Death Camps were liberated and Bruno Beger was convicted of mass murder and Nazi War Crimes,
how did the
Dalai Lama react to Bruno Beger and his other Nazi SS friend, Heinrich Harrer?  You make Nazis and
Nazi killers,
top advisers in your government in exile. You then have your picture taken with them (as in the picture
immediately below) and post it on your website for the world to see that you don't discriminate against Nazi
Death Squad Leaders and convicted Nazi War Criminals. See first the 1994 picture below.


While the Dalai Lama purports to be a "spiritual leader", he seems to be drawn to having close friendships with Nazis,
former Nazis, mass murderers, convicted terrorists and refuses to repudiate their actions and appears only to want to
have more prominent photo ops with his Nazi and terrorist friends, especially those who have a lot cash to throw at the
Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama has implied that the Chinese taking over Tibet is an evil and that he is on a crusade to induce people to
place him back on the throne in Tibet where the Lama priest class un-democratically placed him and where the Lamas
ruled a slave and serf state, like the Taliban--repressively and with brutality for centuries. However, if we ignore what the
Dalai Lama says and look at his actions, one must wonder just what kind of ruler the Dalai Lama would be.

Remember: "The Lesser of two Evils is still Evil!"
The Dalai Lama purports to be a "man of peace". However, has he ever criticized let alone condemn the violence of Al
Qaeda? Has the
Dalai Lama ever repudiated the crimes of his close Nazi friends or of the Tokyo subway killer? None
can be found anywhere. Has the Dalai Lama ever repudiated the criminal and murderous organization that his Nazi
friends belong and belonged to? None found either. Does the Dalai Lama ever admit that the Brad Pitt movie made
about him and Heinrich Harrer is misleading to the point of being a virtual lie? The answer is again, No. Is the Dalai
Lama so arrogant and so "holier than anyone" that he believes he can arrogantly do anything he wants to anyone in the
name of religion?--and where have we heard that before. The Dalai Lama's main reaction to his Nazi friends is to have
numerous, prominent and exclusive photo ops taken with them, give them top posts in his government, and to promote
their books and products and to seek out more Nazis to meet particularly those who can make generous monetary
contributions to the Dalai Lama. What about what his Nazi friends have said? No apologies found either.
went as far to say, (after he concealed his Nazi past for years) that he shouldn't have joined, but is reported to
have been a die hard Nazi to the end of his life. But this non-apology was no different than
Adolf Eichmann and
Hermann Goering saying something similar and these two men were the main architects of the Holocaust. One has to
wonder just what kind of tutoring the Dalai Lama received from Nazi Death Squad Leader Harrer given that the Dalai
Lama's enthrallment with convicted Nazi War Criminals, Nazis, violent terrorists, and brutal dictators.
The photo on the left below shows clearly abused and starved boys to be used for medical experiments. The photo on
the right shows a typical aftermath of the
Dalai Lama's good friend,Dr. Bruno's "patients" after he performed his
medical experiments upon them, using the "ocean of knowledge" (as Bruno called it) that he had learned from the
Lama, to create an "ocean of dead bodies".  
Bruno Beger performed medical experiments on 100's of unwilling
inmates and all of whom ended up like those in the photo on the right above. For the other literally millions of inmates at
Death Camps brought there by the
Dalai Lama's other friend, Heinrich Harrer's SS, the result was also the same for
them--death by gassing, starvation or torture. The photo in the middle is a picture of the Dalai Lama embraced by mass
Bruno Beger with the Dalai Lama congratulating mass murderer, Dr. Bruno Beger.
What do these men have in common with each other?
Answer:  They are all Nazis or Nazi supporters and
good friends of the Dalai Lama
Who is this man Heinrich Harrer as
seen in the photo ( to the left) and
above with the
Dalai Lama and
further below in a photo with
(Nazi Party) with membership number 6307081. Hitler later promoted Harrer to captain in the Death Squads and gave
the Dalai Lama's good friends, the duty to train elite SS who would carry out the "final solution" the extermination of all
Jews in Europe and Russia, through "kill teams" and extermination or Death Camps. It is Harrer's SS which murdered in
cold blood hundreds of American POWS in Malmedy France in 1944. If Heinrich Harrer's SA was the equivalent of the
Ku Klux Klan, the SS was the equivalent of the Al Qaeda. America had one 9/11 perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, but Europe
and particularly Russia and the Ukraine had many thousands of 9/11's thanks to   
Heinrich Harrer's Nazi SS. The SS
was on a religious mission to plunder and rape their way through Europe and Russia. They believed that they were on a
"spiritual mission" to create racial purity and kill all non-Aryans, that is all Jews, Gypsies and Slavs.  It was Hitler's mania
about "racial purity" which was one of the reasons why Hitler sent
Harrer on a mission with SS Officer Ernst Schafer and
SS Officer Dr. Bruno Beger to meet the
Dalai Lama in the first place. Hitler and another Harrer friend, Gestapo Chief
Heinrich Himmler were obsessed with ascertaining whether Tibetans were Aryans and if they could be used to attack the
Chinese and India.  This was the motivation for Harrer's meeting with the Dalai Lama and not because he just liked
climbing mountains in Tibet. When Harrer arrived in Tibet, he did not find Shangri-la, the Western fantasized version of
Tibet. Instead, he found a virtual slave and serf state run by brutal Lamas who owned slaves and used medieval
tortures against run-away slaves and non-believers. A perfect environment for Death Squad Leader Harrer to become a
top advisor to the Dalai Lama and to seduce the Dalai Lama to become a Nazi sympathizer.  Below are photos of
friend's more immediate supervisors and their Nazi handiwork.

What was the job of the Dalai Lama's good friend ,Heinrich
Harrer's SA and SS? The pictures below tell the story:
The person to the left  above and draped in Swastikas is called: The Dalai Lama.  He is the self-proclaimed political and
religious leader of Tibet. He was never elected to these positions, but was appointed by a small group of ruthless
Taliban like theocrats. The Dalai Lama says that wants peace and so being judged by his words and not his deeds
(which will be shown clearly to be anything but peaceful) was given the Nobel Peace Prize and the Congressional Gold
Medal by George W. Bush. He claims that he is a man of peace, but is he? Or is the Dalai Lama like his predecessor,
Jim Jones who also was venerated as a "holy man" and "man of peace" until he poisoned all of his devotees in French
Guyana. Recent exposes by respected German magazines and Salon and other media, have revealed a very different
person than the Dalai Lama pretends to be.
The Horror of Harrer
Who and What is the Dalai Lama?  A holy man or wholly a fraud with Nazi connections?
Photo above is a Tibetan
slave  in leg-irons, under the
"enlightened" rule of the Lama
class before the Dalai Lama
was forced out of power in
Tibet. Under the  Lama class,
run away slaves could expect
to have their eyes gouged out,
and tongue cut out, and limbs
amputated by the  Lama class
"enlightened", and
"compassionate", and
"peaceful" priests.
Augustine Pinochet. Also known as the "Butcher of Chile".
Neo-Nazi and protector of fugitive Nazi war criminals and also
a good friend of
Dalai Lama and avoided extradition to Spain
and being tried for mass murder by a Spanish court, with the  
aid and abetting from Dalai Lama. The FBI Files show that
Pinochet is a proven terrorist committing terrorism on US soil.
                                      Shoko Asahara.
Good friend of Dalai Lama and praised by
the Dalai Lama after giving over a million
dollars to Dalai Lama.  Also an admirer of
Adolph Hitler. Convicted of mass murder by
placing poison Sarin gas in  the Tokyo
Miguel Serrano:  Head of the Nazi Party for Chile and who
promotes anti-Semitism and books purporting that Hitler was a
"God". Also a good friend of the Dalai Lama whom he meets
with regularly. Picture taken in 1992. (See also
Tibet, politics, development and society in a disputed region)
Sautman & Dreyer)
Heinrich Harrer
SS  Nazi Officer
Death Squad Leader
Top Dalai Lama Adviser
Adolph Hitler
Good Friend of Heinrich Harrer, who in turn
is a good friend of Dalai Lama
      Dr. Bruno Beger
      Nazi SS Officer
      Convicted War Criminal
      Top Dalai Lama Adviser
Heinrich Himmler
Head of the Nazi SS and Head of Hitler's
Good Friend of Heinrich Harrer, a top
advisor to the Dalai Lama
One on the most consistent behaviors on the part of this "omniscient holy man" is that he is almost always wrong about
everything when it comes to criticizing those who do great wrongs but who can help the Lama with money or fame. For
example, the Dalai Lama will endlessly criticize the Chinese--who won't do what he wants. However, the Lama will never
criticize George Bush, who gave him an award and lots of fame. The Lama actually says that George Bush is an
"honest" man and that Bush's war of lies and profits resulting in war in Iraq might be justified. Worse than this is the
Dalai Lama's almost infinite "compassion" for Nazis and terrorists. While we haven't seen the Dalai Lama yet to
embrace Osama Bin Laden, he will never say a critical word about him or Al Qaeda. In fact, the Dalai Lama said to TV
Cadena in Barcelona that "Bin Laden's message may have been misinterpreted...".  How could any reasonable person
and particularly an "omniscient holy man" like the Dalai Lama think that Bin Laden's message carried out by homicidal
hijackers on September 11, 2001 could be misinterpreted as what?...a message of peace and love? The Dalai Lama is
very quick to embrace and show his "love and compassion" to other terrorists and killers of lesser infamy, such
( discredited for murderous Nazi past)but there is a catch here. To be blessed by the Dalai Lama's
intervention or praise, you generally need to make a large contribution of cash somewhere in the million dollar range
like terrorist Shoko Asahara. If you don't have money for the Dalai Lama, well, he may still have use for you if he is ever
returned to power,(which the Dalai Lama has tried to do using military force against the Chinese,as admitted in the
"man of peace's" book
Freedom in Exile). Consider the poor chap below to the right. He may not have money but in
Tibet under the Dalai Lama he could still be used for slave labor.
Check out the fairly recent picture below with the Dalai Lama standing next to his Nazi friends and members of terrorist
organizations, who are his top advisors:
SS Death Squadron Leader Heinrich Harrer and
convicted Nazi war criminal, Bruno Beger.

What follows is an expose of a man, The (so-called) Dalai Lama, who is regarded to be one of most holy men in the
world today. What the following evidence shows is that this man, The Dalai Lama is one of the greatest frauds the world
has ever seen.  The Dalai Lama claims he is a holy man, but how did he get that title? He got it from the previous Dalai
Lama, a brutal slave owner, who corresponded with Adoph Hitler and praised Hitler. Hitler and the head of the Nazi
Gestapo and SS, Heinrich Himmler, in turn sent a contingent of his private body guard, the notorious and murderous SS
thugs to meet with the previous Dalai Lama, bearing gifts, and to invade Tibetan villages violating the villagers and
forcing them to submit to head measuring and tooth removals and full body searches to decide whether they were
racially pure enough to be allowed to live. (
View this Military and Discovery Channel video of this) The present Dalai
Lama, the subject of this expose, also was present at the time of these overtures to the Nazis and to Adolph Hitler and
himself, a brutal slave owner. What this expose will prove is that the Dalai Lama is not a holy man, has never been a
holy man and has strong ties to criminals, slave owners, Nazis, convicted Nazi War Criminals, convicted violent
terrorists, brutal dictators. Moreover, it will be shown that the Dalai Lama himself led a violent terrorist organization bent
on assassination of Chinese. What this expose will show is that the Dalai Lama is about as holy as his benefactor, Nazi
SS chief, Heinrich Himmler.
Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama  
Above is a photo of Heinrich Harrer's
SA thugs or Storm Troopers forcing Jews
to clean the sidewalks of Austria, where
Heinrich Harrer lived
Heinrich Harrer with the Dalai Lama
long after the Holocaust and after the
crimes committed by Harrer's SA thugs in
Austria. Harrer was reportedly a die-hard
Nazi and Hitler supporter to the very end
Heinrich Harrer's SA thugs
enforcing a boycott of Jewish
owned businesses
     Heinrich Harrer's SS

After Harrer's SA was dissolved by Hitler, the Dalai Lama's good friend,Heinrich Harrer joined Hitler's SS elite
organization of killers. Harrer became an officer in this murderous organization.
The Hitler Dalai Lama Nazi Scrapbook of Pictures
The Dalai Lama apparently does not follow one the main moral codes and precepts stated in:

The New Spiritual Bible (Spiritual Activism)

The Dalai Lama however apparently believes that The Ends Justify using even an Evil or foul Means. Such a breach of
moral code for a purported spiritual leader as the Dalai Lama will backfire in the end on anyone who follows such a
belief in the ends justifying the means.
To link to The Secret Truth about Oprah Winfrey and her connections to the CIA's  child
sex-slave MK-ULTRA Cult
, Click Here.
Q:  The Dalai Lama has repudiated violence, Nazism,  and terrorism. Why can't people just take him at his word and
stop talking about the Dalai Lama and all of these things?

A:    There is a gigantic gap between what is known as "political expediency" and true repudiation of peoples' errant
behavior. It is true that the Dalai Lama has spoken words repudiating violence, but his actions demonstrate clearly that
the Dalai Lama has
embraced violence. The pictures and references on this website have shown the Dalai Lama's
willingness to embrace convicted Nazi war criminals, repressive dictators and violent terrorists.  The Dalai Lama has
also admitted to being paid millions of dollars by the CIA to raise an army to fight the Chinese. Thus the Dalai Lama's
"repudiation" of violence rings completely hollow. Worse than that, it sanctifies hypocrisy to the rest of the world.

The questions below are edited composites of actual questions sent to to this website.
Q:  Wasn't the Dalai Lama too young to be a friend of Hitler's?

A:   There has never been any assertion that the Dalai Lama was a friend of Adolph Hitler. It has only been asserted
that the Dalai Lama has been friends with those who have befriended Hitler or Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi
Gestapo, or the Dalai Lama has been friends with convicted terrorists, and Nazi War Criminals. The evidence of this is
A professor at a major American university asked this next question:

Q:  What is the wrong with convicted Nazi War Criminals such as Dr. Bruno Beger, being in the government of the Dalai
Lama, if the Dalai Lama has forgiven them?

A:   It is not up to the Dalai Lama to forgive them. It is up the relatives of those murdered by the Dalai Lama's top
adviser, Bruno Beger, to grant forgiveness. Beger has not shown any remorse for his many murders and has not asked
for forgiveness. Nor have these murderers now championed by the Dalai Lama, have never offered restitution to their
victims. Moreover, who is the Dalai Lama to offer forgiveness? The Dalai Lama is a former brutal slave owner and
confessed head of a terrorist organization. The Dalai Lama received his "holy credentials" from another brutal slave
owner and murderer and admitted admirer of Adolph Hitler.
Q:  Don't you have it wrong about the swastika? The Hindu swastika is not Hitler's swastika and so the Dalai Lama has
no Nazi connections, right?

A:  Wrong! We never said that the Dalai Lama was a Nazi because of a Hindu symbol. We have said that the Dalai
Lama has very provable Nazi connections and terrorist connections, such Shoko Asahara and Dr. Bruno Beger and SS
Officer, Heinrich Harrer.
Q:  Are you pro-Chinese

A:   I am pro- people, which means that I am pro-Chinese as well as pro-Tibetan. I am however against violence. The
way of the Dalai Lama will
not bring peace, freedom or equality to Tibet or to anywhere. I have laid out in detail in my
first  book
The New Spiritual Bible the ways to bring peace, freedom and equality to any man or woman.  The
reasons that the Dalai Lama will not bring peace is because while he speaks of peace, his actions of support for violent
Nazi killers, terrorists and brutal dictators, speak much greater. On this website, I have shown in verifiable documents
and pictures that the Dalai Lama is much more a man of violence than a man of peace. Therefore the Dalai Lama will
not be able to bring the peace to Tibet that he purports to do.

Q:   Didn't everybody join the Nazi Party in the 30's and 40's in Austria? So why pick on the Dalai Lama's top advisor
Heinrich Harrer as being a Nazi?

A:    No. Not everyone joined the Nazi Party. There were many groups such as Jews and Gypsies and Slavic people who
were excluded, just to name a few. More than that, just because many people were Nazis certainly does not excuse the
atrocious behavior of the Nazis. Additionally, Heinrich Harrer joined the Nazi Party very early on and joined the Nazi
terrorist group, the SA or Storm Troopers and then later Hitler's elite organization of mass murderers--The SS which
was headed by Heinrich Himmler of the Nazi Gestapo.
To view a document originally posted by Dr. Bruno Beger on the Dalai Lama's official website, click here. This
document shows the Dalai Lama's recent ties to Nazis, and speaks about Beger's special friendship with the Dalai
Lama, the Lamas' interest in establishing contacts with Hitler and Beger's rant against the Chinese. All of this coming
from a convicted Nazi War Criminal and mass murderer. View also the
video from the Military and Discovery Channel
(view it about 7 minutes into the video) about The Dalai Lama showing his top advisor Nazi SS OfficerBruno Beger
ripping out teeth and measuring Tibetans' skulls to decide who lives and who dies. These Nazi soldiers were invited to
Tibet by the previous Dalai Lama, who praised Adolph Hitler.
Click Here for The memoirs of
convicted Nazi War Criminal Dr.
Bruno Beger showing the current
connections between Nazi War
Criminals and the Dalai Lama.
To view some shocking and disturbing pictures reportedly  of Tibetan slaves being
mistreated and even killed under their Lama masters (over which the Dalai Lama
ruled) prior to 1950,
click here. Warning these photos are very
disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewers.
Christina Rosetti
Click here to go to a
picture story of Oprah
Winfrey pandering to Nazi
sympathizer, Dalai Lama and
promoting books sympathetic to
Analyzing the problems of the dogma of the Dalai Lama
כריסטינה רוסטי    
Corroboration of the evidence against the Dalai Lama can be seen here by pictures and documents from the Dalai
Lama's own website (,
Der Spiegel, or picture evidence. Some of the Dalai Lama's ties to Nazis may
not be as easily corroborated, (notwithstanding the huge amount of internet articles giving verification) such as his ties
to French  Nazi collaborator,
Jean Marquès-Rivière who was convicted of turning Jews over to the Gestapo during
World War II. According to these articles, the
Dalai Lama has maintained close ties with this Nazi collaborator, who was
given the death sentence for collusion in murder of innocent civilians in France.
Above is a picture reportedly of the Dalai Lama reviewing his troops raised to attack
the Chinese. (See October 1998 New York Times article)
(Right) The
Dalai Lama
Above, The Dalai Lama joyfully embracing
another well-known Austrian Nazi, Jorg Haider.
New York Times article about this Nazi whom
The Dalai Lama is so enamored by. It seems that
it is mostly Nazis, mass murderers, terrorists and
dictators that are the objects of the Dalai Lama's
affections. Other people, especially those without
large sums of money to give to the Dalai Lama,
apparently have no value according to this Lama.
To the left is another
picture of The Dalai Lama
with his "army of peace and
love" ready to spread that
"love" and "peaceful
coexistence" by using guns
against the Chinese.  
Perhaps The Dalai Lama
will tell us that guns are
used for prays of peace.  
And among the deluded,
how many will believe him?
Above is another picture of the Dalai Lama's friend, Chilean Nazi
head, Michael Serano with a Swastika in the background giving the
Nazi salute to his followers. The Dalai Lama has particular close ties
to the Chilean Nazi Party and Chilean dictator and Nazi sympathizer
Augusto Pinochet who according to FBI Files committed acts of
violent terrorism in Washington D.C. itself and threatened the life of
the US Attorney General and FBI agents and their families.