John McCain,George Bush, The
Dalai Lama (& his terrorist Friends)
   John McCain embracing George Bush
(Four more years of Bush and extreme misjudgment?)
John McCain embraces George Bush but below also embraces and praises a
fake priest with close ties to terrorists and convicted Nazi War Criminals. See
more about the
Dalai Lama and his terrorist ties:  
Above: John McCain embraces the Dalai Lama, but below the Dalai Lama embraces
known Nazi SS officers, known and convicted Nazi War Criminals from Auschwitz; known
overseas terrorists and killers.
Above: The Dalai Lama embraces
Nazi SS Officer, Heinrich Harrer,
who hid his Nazi ties until "Der
Spiegel exposed him and a picture
of Harrer posing with his personal
friend,  Adolph Hitler.
Above: Adolph Hitler with his personal friend, (and friend
of Dalai Lama) Heinrich Harrer standing to the immediate
left of Hitler. Photo courtesy of Der Spiegel.
John McCain's new friend, The Dalai Lama also is seen below (to the left) with convicted Nazi SS officer, Dr. Bruno Beger.
Beger was convicted of war crimes, and conducting inhuman experiments on unwilling victims at Aushwitz Nazi Death Camp
and then gassing them all to death. The Dalai Lama below is promoting Beger's book. The Dalai Lama also promotes books
and products by his other Nazi friend, Heinrich Harrer. Below and to the left is the War Crimes trial of Dalai Lama's friend.
                             Where are they now?  
The Dalai Lama has rewarded his two top Nazi friends with seats in his government in
exile. Below and to the left, is a picture of the Dalai Lama with convicted murderer
Beger on the left and Nazi SS officer, Harrer on his right. Picture taken in 1994.
Above: Picture of the duties of
Dalai Lama friend,Heinrich
Harrer's Nazi SS. Scene of a
Nazi shooting a woman with her
John McCain's newest friend has other well known Nazi friends and this can be viewed on:

The Secret Truth about the Dalai Lama.
A simple internet search would have revealed the Dalai
Lama's close terrorist connections. How can John McCain
hope to be president if he overlooks such terrorist ties?
McCain might just as well have invited Al Qaeda terrorists over
here, if he is not willing to vet his guests or those he praises.
Above is a picture of the Dalai Lama's friend, Dr.
Bruno Beger at his Nazi War Crimes Trial
Above is a picture typical of Dalai
Lama friend, Dr. Bruno Beger's
"patients". Starving prisoners
whom the Dalai Lama's good
friend performed medical
experiments on.
Above is typical the final result of the
Dalai Lama's friend upon his "patients"
at Auschwitz--all "patients" of Dr. Beger
were gassed to death.
Below is a picture of the Dalai
Lama with his friend, convicted
terrorist, Shoko Asahara--The
Tokyo Subway Kiler
For those who think John McCain will know how to stop terrorists and wars, think again. John McCain is not even able to
use simple information from the internet, let alone CIA, to vet people he embraces and welcomes and holds hands with.
John McCain invited a well known terrorist and Nazi sympathizer and praised him and walked hand in hand with him as
is more fully seen below.