The New Spiritual Bible  contains concepts and techniques that may allow the individual to experience the
power of their life that is their divine right by birth.  The basic Laws of Attraction*,  Creation of Reality Through
Beliefs, and The Spiritual Brotherhood of Man, are covered in detail. Unlike other self-help books, this text
shows methods of dealing with violence and injustice in your life and in the lives of those around you.

* The Law of Attraction, while known for thousands of years, the phrase was first coined by
Christina Rosetti
many years before the books by Rhonda Byrne and Esther Hicks or Abraham.
Below are news articles related to The New Spiritual Bible.
The Chapters on the left contain only samples of the
full Chapters available in the book,
The New
Spiritual Bible
by Christina Rosetti
Edgar Cayce predicted as
have Seth and  that The
New Christ will appear at
the end of the 20th Century
or beginning of the 21st
century and is here now in
the flesh.

Find out why even
Presidents have come to
seek help from Edgar
Cayce in his amazing

Find out what the New
Christ has told Edgar
Seth Speaks, written by Jane
Roberts, and Robert F. Butts,
who has endorsed and
illustrated the First Edition of
The New Spiritual Bible by
Christina Rosetti
. In Seth
Speaks, Seth speaks of The
Second Coming of Christ and
of The New Christ having
been born prior to the
publication of the book in
1971 and soon appearing or  
appearing now, (if only by
Find out why Seth is
considered by many to be one
of the world's leading experts
on the Second Coming of
Christ and why we can be
assured that The New Christ
is here now in a physical
body. Find out what the new
Christ has told  Seth.
Below  is an article from Al-Jazeera featuring Christina Rosetti
Below ,is part of an article from Washington D.C.'s premier political newspaper,
Roll Call Politics. which features Christina Rosetti The rest of the article can be
found by going to
The New Spiritual Bible
by Christina Rosetti.
Author of The New Spiritual Bible

Christina Rosetti
(at Buttermilk Falls Park in Ithaca New York)
Rosetti's Home
The author Christina Rosetti M.S. ED, has been a Congressional candidate and Presidential Candidate as well as
several other local offices such as Town Justice of Ithaca.
Christina Rosetti has taught on the faculty at Cornell
University and other colleges and has taught Spirituality through out North America for over 30 years.
The New
Spiritual Bible
is endorsed by co-author of the Seth-Jane Roberts-Robert F. Butts books; Robert F. Butts.
Christina Rosetti
has been featured in the Seth Books, Al-Jazeera and Roll Call as well as other local and national
Christina Rosetti
Christina Rosetti with other
speakers, speaking at a
Barnes and Noble event  
with Ithaca Falls in
To find out more about "The Secret" and it's relation to
Oprah Winfrey click on the link below:
"The Secret"  Truth
  (in pictures
and videos)
"The Secret" Truth about the    Dalai Lama and his ties
to Hitler and convicted Nazi War Criminals and terrorists,
in pictures
Find out in The New Spiritual Bible about the coming New Age of Enlightenment  being
commenced by the
New Christ.
Below is an article from June 2006 issue of The Syracuse New Times, featuring Christina Rosetti

The Spiritual Book Store,
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Below is an article about Christina from the Wayne County Star issued on August 30, 2006
Below is a January 27, 2008 article
about Christina from the Syracuse
Post Standard
Welcome to Christina Rosetti's Homepage

Here you will find pictures of Christina Rosetti and friends, and
books by Christina Rosetti and friends
Read the New Spiritual Bible and learn about how to contact your Higher Self.
Find out about your Greater Identity. Find out about your reincarnational
connections. Find out how you get better your life and create equality for yourself
and others. Find Hope in
The New Spiritual Bible
Since this book's inception, all proceeds are intended to be used for the
charitable promotion of its ideals of peace and justice.
Christina Rosetti and friends
mourn the death and passing of our
dear friend and colleague,   
F. Butts
on May 26, 2008. Robert
F. Butts
illustrated The New
Spiritual Bible
 and was the
co-founder of the
Butts-Jane Roberts
E.S.P class of
Elmira; and co-author of the
Robert Butts is survived by
his wife
Laurel Butts.
Robert F. Butts
Christina Rosetti
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